The FX Space is constantly changing, and even seasoned professionals find themselves scratching their heads at times. As with everything else we do FXPIG strives to offer unique and actually worthwhile information to our PARTNERS in an effort to level the playing field. An educated trader is a profitable trader.

The Missing Link

If you spend or waste, any amount of time on the big three forex trading stat websites, you will see that the majority of systems that tend to look profitable are problematic in the fact that they never perform the same across different pricing venues. This ‘anomaly’ can be due to either the toxic nature […]

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Really… Vanuatu? Isn’t that like a step ‘backward’ from New Zealand? Sometimes it can be difficult to understand a decision unless you can see the full picture. Let’s start with banking; as you may have seen, on the various FX-related news sites, banking, for FX companies in general, has become almost impossible. Even from the […]

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Buying ‘Trust’?

The Retail FX Industry has been tainted over the years and while some of the bad press is unfounded, some, well, is spot on. The entire industry comes off as, simply put, untrustworthy. Granted some of this stems from the lack of understanding on how FX works, and when you pander and solicit newbie traders […]

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We have all heard the 5 trillion-dollar figure, and initially, normally the first time we see or hear it posted online, we have been ushered into a brief instance of truly inspired awe as we tried to contemplate the shear size of this market we all love and hate in equal portions. BUT… have you […]

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Conspiracies Among Us

Having been on all sides of this industry, and talked to way too many industry players over the years, while trying to educate the average trader on just how much misinformation they are hit with on a daily basis, I feel like I need to decompress a bit. Fortunately for me we needed some ‘Original […]

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I am a bit of a scatterbrain; focusing on one thing at a time becomes boring to me and I get stuck in a rut, where I simply cannot produce anything, in contrast when I am jumping back and forth between five projects at a time I tend to accomplish more. Now I am telling […]

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Cash Versus Them

Is it possible to link, in a sane thought process, the push toward negative interest rates to the uber-AML’ find and destroy’ tactics that led to the leak of the notorious ‘Panama Papers’ in 750 words or less? It won’t be easy, and it may be a fool’s errand, but this is an opinion piece…so […]

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A PIG loves getting in the DIRT, and getting 'hands on', and fully committed with everything they do. If we do it, it’s because we are ready to really roll up our sleeves and get it done right. Even the smartest PIG needs a brush up now and again. Traders have so much information flying at them on a day to day basis it can be easy to forget or simply ‘misfile’ something. The aim of the D.I.R.T. or Dedicated Informative Reference Text is to help you quickly reference keys pieces of information you may need on a daily basis to keep your trading game at it’s best. Feel free to let us know if you want us to add something else to this ever growing and crowd sourced list of topics.