In order to be successful in this business don’t make the mistake of thinking you need a better ‘broker’, what you need is a true PARTNER, a company that will align your needs with it’s own and look to better your trading conditions in an effort to create a profitable partnership with a focus on YOUR long term profitability. Here are just a few of the ways FXPIG separates itself from it’s competition in this regard:


Yeah we offer social trading too, but the difference is... We do it RIGHT.
Some folks would say, 'Why try and reinvent the wheel'? What do we say to that you may ask? New ideas create new ways to tackle old problems and while the other guys may be content with using yesterday's technology to trade today's market, we would rather not.
High caliber trading on a meticulously crafted feed of some of the best providers in the industry backed by proprietary routing software, all wrapped up in a client centric easy to manage and most importantly, social, client portal. Get followed, be a follower, or simply chat it up with like minded traders, it's your money, its your choice, EMPOWER yourself.


Share and Prosper

PIGs are very SOCIABLE animals, no really, we have petitioned apple to make a hoof friendly iphone, but they must be uber busy as they have yet to reply...
In this day and age everything seems to revolve around SOCIAL, and we mean EVERYTHING. If you didn't share it its like it never happened. We here at FXPIG think this whole SOCIAL trend is great and we are all about sharing but what about receiving (Did we mention PIGs are also known to be a tad greedy sometimes?)...
The FXPIG Sharing Hub was created to not only quench your sharing thrust, but to also make sure you're rewarded for your efforts. You earn points by sharing your own trades, the trades of other traders you follow, FXPIG sponsored News, or by having people follow your trades. All those PIG Points can then be cashed in for account credits. A simple one stop shop for all things trading and all things social. Be SOCIAL and Prosper with FXPIG.

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Did we mention PIGs are SOCIAL? If not, they are, and we carry this social attitude into all things PIG, including our client-centric, knowledgeable, and downright AWESOME Client Help Desk. We believe in building long lasting relationships with our valued clients and this philosophy starts with our ‘one on one’ approach to customer support. You can be sure that we will always strive to surpass your highest expectations.

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Trading in the FX market is stressful enough, not to mention those long hours, so we have designed our Client Backend to be as streamlined and easy to understand as possible. Our job as your broker is to make things easier for you to be successful and we take that job very seriously.


In an effort to maintain our commitment to having the most satisfied client base in the industry FXPIG only offers secure and stable funding methods.  If you don’t see your preferred deposit method listed below we invite you to get in touch with us and we will do what we can to accommodate you.


    Low Cost local and cross border deposit options


    A great way to get your account funded fast


    Our Recommended Deposit Option, Fast and Secure


    Convenient and LOCAL deposit methods


For some reason it always seems easier to fund your account at some brokers than to request a withdrawal. Not here at FXPIG. Simplicity leads to efficiency.

  • Bank Transfer Withdrawals in your local currency for only 10 $€£

  • SWIFT Wire Withdrawals priced at 25 USD

  • Payment Card Withdrawals (VISA/MC) priced at just 8 $€£

  • Skrill Withdrawals are FREE (Skrill charges 1%)

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  • Internal Transfers to other FXPIG Accounts are Always FREE

*FXPIG does not charge you to move money back to your Skrill or Neteller Accounts, however both of these gateways do charge fees, 1% and 2% respectively, on our side when processing the transfer. Your final withdrawal is NET of those fees.


Not all traders trade the same so why should they all trade using the same interface? FXPIG offers you a choice in platforms to align your specific needs with the right technology.

Metatrader 4

A true heavyweight in the retail FX space with nearly 80% of all retail volume following through it’s software. The FXPIG MT4 platform brings the usual and expected MT4 feature set to the table along with a depth of market panel, one click trading, and customizable PAMM / IB solutions.



While the cTrader Platform may be a relative newcomer to the industry the platform’s developers have ample experience in the currency markets and it shows from the minute you launch the software. Designed with the professional retail and institutional level trader in mind.


To Be Announced

Is there a trading platform you would like FXPIG to offer to its client base?
If you are looking to trade on a specific piece of software that we do not yet offer publically let us know about it and we will see if we can add it to our offerings in the future. 








 SPA | MPA | FM | HS | LX

25 per mio








30 per mio




25 per mio


Most traders have heard of the terms MPA and SPA however many have been misguided as to what the two terms actually mean and how it relates to their own trading.


Single Point Aggregation; A single hub aggregation of top tier FX liquidity customized to our clients trade flow. A Prime Broker Offering direct to the retail FX world.



Multiple Point Aggregation; An aggregated feed of pre-aggregated liquidity which includes a multiple venue matching engine.  A true work of FX art. 



Looking for a customized liquidity pool or a specific clearing venue? API, FIX, or front facing GUI access is available to those who qualify. Contact us for more information.





minimum deposit

250 AUD / EUR / GBP / USD

 500 AUD / EUR / GBP / USD

available currency



MINIMUM order size

1,000 Units

10,000 Units


Liquidity Dependent

Liquidity Dependent

commissions on mt4

2.50 per 100k

2.50 per 100k


3.00 per 100k

3.00 per 100k

maximum leverage

3.00 per 100k

3.00 per 100k

margin call level

3.00 per 100k

3.00 per 100k

stop out level


3.00 per 100k

"Last look" policy


3.00 per 100k



3.00 per 100k






LD4 | NY4 | HK2

pricing through roll over


3.00 per 100k

min top of book liquidity


3.00 per 100k

liquidity providers


3.00 per 100k

liquidity type


3.00 per 100k

available pairs


3.00 per 100k

*Accounts trading on leverage above 1:200 (0.50%) will have their stop out level moved from 50 to 100% automatically. If you wish to trade on a 50% Stop Out you must choose 1:200 (0.50%) or less when creating your account.

Trading On-the-Go

When trading in a market that operates 24 hours a day and 6 days a week having immediate access from anywhere you may find yourself is not a convenience but a necessity. Stay connected to the FXPIG MT4 and cTrader’s platforms while on the go from your iOS or Android mobile device using the Official Metatrader 4 and cTrader Apps available in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Marketplace.



trader tools

We have all heard of the Trader’s Toolbox, but in the fast paced world of forex trader’s need quicker access than what a toolbox can offer. To show our commitment to making trading easier for our clients we have re-coined this phrase from the Trader’s Toolbox to the Trade’s Tool Belt, after all having unfettered access to the tools that keep you successful should be a no brainer. So the question is, “Whats in your Tool Belt?”

“Tools of the "Trade”

As a client centric broker we want our clients to be profitable and that means we listen to their needs and wants and act on them. Is there a tool you need to improve your performance? Let us know and we will review it for possible integration in our next round of updates. To build and maintain a profitable system a ‘Trader’s Tool Belt’ is a necessity. Here is a list of our current add on tools that we provide to our valued clients:

  • MT4 Branded Mobile Platforms

  • cTrader Web Trader

  • MT4 Depth of Market and One Click Trading with VWAP Calculator

  • Portal based PAMM System for Managers and Investors


Equinix and it’s FInancial eXchange are the link between nearly every major financial institution in the modern world. Their infrastructure provides the largest choice of connectivity options to virtually all major market participants allowing for a direct exchange of data over dedicated ultra low latency fiber cross connects.

Equinix Backbone. When every millisecond counts...

Equinix and it’s FInancial eXchange are the link between nearly every major financial institution in the modern world. Their infrastructure provides the largest choice of connectivity options to virtually all major market participants allowing for a direct exchange of data over dedicated ultra low latency fiber cross connects.

In trading, like in life, timing is everything. A trading opportunity can be had or lost in a fraction of a second. We have rebuilt our trading environment from the ground up to ensure that you, our valued client, have access to the best possible market conditions, and the foundation starts here with the unsurpassed reliability and stability of the Equinix Financial eXchange. When the best solution is your ONLY option it’s nice when that choice is so easy to make.

Get your FREE VPS powered by BEEKS FX

No one knows better about the importance of a solid trading environment than traders themselves, especially a broker that trades their own proprietary Expert Advisor on MT4 that relies on the quality of execution. In this, like in any other competitive industry, a small advantage can quickly turn a failure into a success. FXPIG wants it’s clients to win and thus we want them to have every possible tool at their disposal.

In order to take full advantage of our Superior Trading Environment a Cross Connected VPS is a must have. Reducing latency is a big part of professional FX trading and every millisecond saved can get you closer to achieving your financial goals.As a Boutique Firm we are always eager to work with like minded Companies who share not only our dedication but our constant drive to better our technology. We have found this with Beeks FX and are very proud to offer their services to our valued clients.



It's not what you see it's what you don't. Most brokers spend more time making sure that their marketing efforts are fine tuned rather than their underlying technology. While this strategy may work to pad our bottom line we think that effort is better spent making sure you pad yours.

Trading On Cloud 9

Built on top of a solid VMWare Core our Virtual Private Data Center is a super redundant powerhouse coupled to the powerful Equinix Date Center Network by way of direct fiber connectivity. This meticulous setup ensures business continuity and allows us to pinpoint any latency or memory leakage issues before they effect your trading. This same VMWare Infrastructure provides us with what we call 'True High Availability', meaning that if a machine within our network fails, a clone of that machine or virtual application instance will be immediately moved to a new server. This is done to try and minimize downtime as much as we possibly can for those 'what if' situations that unfortunately can and do happen from time to time.

When choosing a trading venue most traders know to look at the company's spreads, their fee structure, their server locations, the overall trading conditions they provide, and their level of support. These things are all very important, however one thing that is commonly overlooked is the company's complete technological ecosystem. Everyone likes to see their broker housing servers in NY4 or LD4 however if those servers are of poor quality or the underlying infrastructure is not robust enough the location where the server is housed becomes that much less important.

At FXPIG we do whatever we can to ensure that our clients have every tool necessary to beat the market, after all we are your trading partner not your FX broker.

Under the Hood

For those of you who just want to trade knowing that it will work, well simply does.
For those of you who want to know how it works and why our Order Management System is the best option available in this market today, on.

Our Exchange Grade OMS is coded in Java, meaning it runs on windows and loves linux. The system is hosted within our own Virtual Private Datacenter meaning there is no added latency to a third party provider. The core of the system is fully scaleable, and new servers can be added when needed to support uninterrupted growth or to balance load between the different engines as the system itself is multi-threaded. In keeping with our policy of providing the best and most reliable trading environment possible the OMS has built in redundancy controls which port the core operations over to a slave machine should the main system fail. The systems makes use of the highly reliable and ultra low latency Java Messaging System API or JMS to send and receive order execution confirmations in order to improve response times and keep the overall ecosystem light and efficient.

Want to learn more about the core functionality of our OMS or how our aggregation and matching engines improve your overall trading experience? Get in touch with our techs by clicking here.