cTrader Copy

cTrader Copy is a copy trading service, filled with risk management tools and detailed strategy profiles, which providers can use to showcase their products. A solution, tailored for commitment-free investing.

CTrader Copy
Attract and convert users who want to invest, rather than trade for themselves.
Retain traders, who were not successful with their own trading strategies.
Give your investors thousands of strategies to choose from.
More Deposits
Higher Volumes

cTrader Copy is an overhaul of the mirror trading platform, formerly known as cMirror, which functions as a flexible investment platform and a fully-integrated feature of cTrader.

Any trader can become a Strategy Provider, and broadcast their trading signals to followers for a performance, management and volume fee. Investors can, in turn, discover strategies, and copy them without any long-term commitment.

Benefits for
Strategy Providers

  • 300+ Products across 10 Asset Classes
  • Raw+Commission and All-In Price Feed
  • Servers in LD4 Equinix Data Center
  • Microlot Trading
  • Level II pricing with full market depth

Benefits for

  • Copy strategies of sophisticated traders already using cTrader
  • Keep control – start and stop copying a strategy at any time
  • Advanced risk management settings to protect your account
  • Full transparency, showing complete history and open positions
  • Rich analytics from detailed charts to help find the right strategy

Advantages of Trading with
FXPIG™'s cTrader Copy

Advanced Analytics

Charts visually display Time Weighted ROI, Balance vs Equity, Breakdown of Traded Symbols and History of Followers. Charts can be adjusted to specific time periods. Strategy profiles include detailed tables of statistics to provide information and rich insights on performance and behavior.

Strategy Profiles

Strategy Providers can create detailed profiles to help them promote themselves. Descriptions can be added to provide supporting information about the strategy. Each strategy has its own URL, making it easy to share with prospective investors outside of the cTrader platform.

Equity to Equity Copying

Investors copy open positions as they begin to follow a strategy. The volume that will be copied is based on the equity-to-equity ratio, according to the amount allocated to the strategy. An investor can set an Equity Stop Loss to stop copying altogether, when equity falls below a certain level.


Investors can bookmark strategies they are interested in to watch, monitor, and come back to them later. At the same time, all strategies that are being followed are listed for easy reference and ability to modify settings at any point.

Fee Structures

Volume-Based Commissions

Strategy Providers can charge commissions based on the volume that their investors have traded, while copying their strategy. Volume fees are added to each position and charged once for opening, and once for closing positions.

Performance and Management

A popular method used by money managers, which allows them to take a percentage of their clients ROI, using a High Water Mark and a fee, according to the amount of money their investors have allocated.